Monday, March 31, 2008


I went home to late for this reason that
I attend debut of my friend Nerizza but
that's ok I surely tell my mama dearest,
she was from Kawit, and it's a long trip
from here riding 1 jeep, 1 bus and 1 baby
bus:D my fare cost about 104Php back
and fort from their house to my home :D
but it's worthy because theirs a lot of ahm
food and also I brought joy to my friend
here's my picture with the celebrant:

I go home late that night and fortunately
I' m home at 9 something and that was a
safe trip, Thank u God hehehe, ciao!!!nyt

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I find many time to blog here huh! But it's seems
to be often because of my incoming summer class
this coming April 8. Btw I have here some photo of
my cousin Aby Gale, she pleased me to attend her
coronation day, so I said I will, and also I will be the
one who will done her make-up and hair do, here it is:

Her make up was a combination of blue and pink then
her gown was also blue and pink, Aby ask me something
Aby: Ninang lagyan mo ako nung pangsingkit ~,~ [lol:D]
So what I did I put him something in her eyes a liquid
eye liner too chinese nah1 even not effective coz she have
big eye 0.0 hehehe...she like what I did to her she's like a
princess and in return he thanked me, thank you ninang,
she is also an intelligent one and jolly kids, ciao! xoxoxox

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Again another post of picture of me here in our place
called Balite, I tried to explore something down in the
river and found out many features there like the new
human made part of the river[ok:D] some unique and
good furniture and also some cute stone there, I took
a lot of pictures but suddenly it the rain poured and we
decided to go home and visit it next time, about the pic.
details the left photo was taken in the front of the door
of the said resto[:0] and then to the right to the right :D
it's taken in the lower part of the river, too many seat to
choose I prepare this one it's like swing hehehe...ciao!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

♥Happr Easter Sunday♥

It's the part of the Easter Sunday, a commemoration
of God is Risen after he died in 3 days due to His death
to save the people from sin, here in the picture some
of the the volunteered youth my cousin as Jesus he is
Kuya Kerbey [yehey:D] hehehe and Camille my nice
relative, after the Salubong as we called it, the priest
proceed to a mass where we sing with the choir, we
enjoy the whole celebration of this Lenten season to
this point of Easter we served God for all we can do.
Have a blessed Easter, Happy Easter. ciao! xoxoxo

Sunday, March 23, 2008

♥Easter Vigil♥

Oh! Sunoooog!!!:D Tsk! Walang sunog nho !!! It's
just the flame of the lighted bonfire for the coming
Easter Sunday and also in this day March 22, 2008
we have to celebrate the Easter Vigil, it's first thing
the priest do is to light the Paschal Candle in the
bonfire then he will proceed a mass then after how
many min. of lights off, the priest will sing the Gloria
Hymn and their will be light in the whole place.
Gloria Lyrics:

Papuri sa Diyos

Papuri sa Diyos!
Papuri sa Diyos sa kaitaasan!
Papuri sa Diyos!

At sa lupa'y kapayapaan
a mga taong kinalulugdan Niya
Pinupuri Ka namin, dinarangal Ka namin
Sinasamba Ka namin, ipinagbubunyi Ka namin (KORO)Align Center

Pinasasalamatan Ka namin
Sa 'Yong dakilang angking kapurihan
Panginoong Diyos, Hari ng langit
Diyos Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat
Panginoong Hesukristo, Bugtong na Anak
Panginoong Diyos, Kordero ng Diyos
Anak ng Ama (KORO)

Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga kasalanan ng mundo
Maawa Ka sa amin, maawa Ka
Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga kasalanan ng mundo
Tanggapin Mo ang aming kahilingan
Ikaw na naluklok sa kanan ng Ama (KORO)

Sapagkat Ikaw lamang ang Banal at ang Kataastaasan
Ikaw lamang, O Hesukristo, ang Panginoon
Kasama ng Espiritu Santo
Sa kadakilaan ng Diyos Ama, Amen!

Papuri sa Diyos!
Papuri sa Diyos sa kaitaasan!
Papuri sa Diyos sa kaitaasan!
Papuri sa Diyos!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's not what you think, that was not a coffin like I
observed hehehe... it's just a carrying container of
Jesus lying in bed, it's our custom to celebrate the
incoming Easter Season especially the whole comm.
of Roman Catholic in the whole world, it's nice that
we continue the tradition, it's an old tradition goes
into every generation. After this day we gonna go
preparing something for easter vigil and easter sun.
It's good that I involved my self in this kind of work
serving God what can I do to commemorate what He
does just to save the people from their sin thru His
death to address the salvation to the people, ciao!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have my new friends her name is Aura like
her name she is cute, with an aura of jolliness
and happiness, she always give smile to many
and she called me her ate kath, I met her in a
formation house of nuns here at our place :D
DICC for Daughters of Immaculate Conception
there so many child there, all girls, they are cute
and jolly to play with you, they wanna call you as
their ate or kuya, they have lots of questions to
ask, Aura: Nakakain ba ang kalamansi? Natawa ko
sabi ko, Kath: Oo nakakain yan pero mas masarap
kung iinumin yung juice nyan. ;D at ngumit sya sa
akin ulit. Here are some picture with the children:

The other girl was named Charlotte she was also
a jolly kids, love of playing the flowers in their
garden, she used to asked me to take her a pic.
so I did it, then curiously asked to see it, she was
amaze hehehe :D, ate ayun ako sa camera mo :D
They have different story but it's too confidential
to tell it on this online blog, hehehe ciao!!!xoxoxo

Monday, March 17, 2008

♥Room Raider♥

After the long month of school at last I have my
time to have a general cleaning in my room for
how many weeks I didn't clean because of many
school works, activities and also the projects that
could kill us with a right time of sleep hay [sight]
and look for what I found out in my messy room:

My bags in the corner of my room, many paper inside
the bags, school things I didn't unpacked for how many
days, chargers, external memory, cables[octopus one]
my kikay kits :D too messy my books and different kinds
of reference all over my room, and so I decided to clean
[pamahayan pa ang kwarto ko ng ipis] ewwwwnesss :P
It take me 2 hours ata to finished my room chores and
put everything to it right place, job well done, ciao! :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

♥Blog Again♥

Hello World, words we always type in when we have
new programming language, that was necessarily to
be learned. After the school days it's vacation time
and I planned to have a new blog here again and I
hope so it will be a new and good one not of my other
blog that after I designed I didn't update and this will
have soon a better layout but for now a default layout
must do, I choose the vintage one here:

I will sure you guys I will update this very soon for
the layout to be more good in your eyes, thank you,
I'm going to have a summer theme, ciao!!! xoxoxo