Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One to the historic place here in the Philippines
was our own Province of Cavite, where in the 1st
declaration of Philippine Freedom from any ruler
was proclaimed here in Kawit, Cavite and also the
1st President of the Republic of the Philippines was
proudly came here, many historical event happen
here in our place. I remembered my friends Seven
he got a new blog, photo blogging about Cavite, he
featured many places, so I decided to help him to
make banner for his blog here it is, check it out!:

[click the image to see the Cavite Daily Photo Blog]
He told me the details of what he want, he asked me
to make it somewhat vintage look and then the title
and the ad blurb and he added to put some calendar.
And chara! that was the final output. When I gave it
to him, he's thankful[welcome!:D] he like the design
I made for come and visit CAVITE, ciao!!!:D

Monday, April 28, 2008

♥Amadeo's Fiesta♥

Wohoooo! :D At last I'm home from the town fiesta
of Amadeo, that was so tiring to my feet but hmm!
a heavy to my stomach, coz I think I ate a lots of
food from my friends their... Before I go siesta to my
friends I went to church and give thanks for the given
blessing to our town and after the mass due to rushing
excitement I went to my best friend Labnyl, we talk
many things about how is she and how's school things.
And oh! I took some photo of many kinds of musicians
here in our place they were called "banda":

Saturday, April 26, 2008

♥Bianca Cutie♥

She was my cousin, she was so cute and jolly kids she
love smiling at my camera, here in our picture she wear
a wig, curly wig that gives her too cute image so I get my
dgcam and click! weee I shot some photo of us together,
she enjoy her posing, she even give me a smile and pose
for a while for me to capture her best pose, mwah! ciao!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

♥I wear JELLY♥

As you read I wear a jelly...ah! ah! ah! not
the soft one like gelatin, my own curiosity
bring me to Rusty Lopez a shoes shop :D
and find what I want and craving for, it is
to buy my own jelly shoes, yes a jelly shoes
like everybody wear on their feet, it looks
too flexible and fashionable, after a minute
of fitting, I find my right fit a size 7 gray
transparent jelly shoes for only 100Php, :D

Hurry and find your right fit of jelly shoes in your
fave store, I know some well known store have
their own edition of jelly shoe but I think with high
price even Skechers :O have it cost 1,600+Php, ciao!

Monday, April 21, 2008

♥Play for Rice♥

This is the real one our country is facing a
big problem about the shortage of rice and
it is observe in the market how the price of
a rice become 36 from 26, 10 pesos mark up
how was that, it gave worried to the people
especially the lower class because of their low
income how they can easily budget their food
alloted for the day or for the month, it gives
headache to everyone. May the government
do an action to address this crisis of rice shortage.
Btw I found this site about donating a rice but not
here in our country, in some country that was poor
in agricultural products like Bangladesh they are
NGO's who help to reach out and then I played the
game, and from the start you will earned only a grain
then from then you can have 1000 grain, how many
grams our that to have one kilo of rice [hehehe :D].
Here is my screenshot of the game:

Click the image and it will bring you to the site and
please play the game for a cause of donating rice to
the less fortunate people of other country, ciao!!!:D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

♥Summer Friends♥

Here our some of my captured photo last summer
outing of my dlsu-d friends, we have our greatest
bonding time ever many of us attended the outing
in Fisherman's Farm Resort, the ambiance was in
good condition it's hot but not rainy in the noon :D
Well we share different foods, we have our BBQ!!!
gordon blue from Ilyn, bbq from lyka, fish, andoks,
snacks from me and company and also untensils :>
from macon oh! our cake from ralp yummy thank u
what else ihaw factor from boys, hain epeks from us
girls...That was fun and enjoying day, after our food
we go swimming, we play, even we take pictures of
many features in the resort, some of my friends try
to learn how to shot in macro mode easy for digicam
settings just one push of the macro button & thanks
to my SONY DSC 6px, for capturing the moment,:D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

♥Codex Iuris Canonici♥

I found this book of Canon Law interesting and
mysterious, it's about law of the Latin Church
the Roman Catholic, just like our constitution
it give guide to the whole community of God
especially to the Roman Faithful. Btw my religion
was Roman Catholic and I' m gonna die as Catholic
I found this religion very truthful to me, I love it
as I love God. I believe in this religion, that the way
to God is salvation you will only save by God thru
salvation[pagbabalik loob mo sa Dyos] :D The
feeling that your safe with God and comfortable in
the side of God, telling Him every act you've done
even wrong or right, crying out to ease what you
feel now, in there you can feel the presence of God
is with us. I hope this will be my good sharing of
my experience as a follower of God...ciao! xoxoxo


L♥ve ko ang mangga sa Pilipinas at ang lutong
bagoong ng aking mama dearest :D YUMMY!
After kong kumain ng breakfast ko, nagtalop
kami ng kapatid ko ng mangga pareho naman
kasi namin tong peborit eh syempre pati yung
bagoong ni mama dearest namin, ayun sa pic.
may design pa yung mangga namin tapos para
appetizing naman nilagyan ko ng bagoong oh!
ano nagugutom na din ba kayo huh kaya mag
mangga na tayo, may vitamins naman yan nho
vitamin C para sa mangga at iodine sa bagoong
ciao! happy manggalicious eating...xoxoxo

Thursday, April 17, 2008

♥Pillow Model♥

I found my pillow so cuddly I enjoy hugging them
all the time even I'm sleeping or doing something
here in front of my laptop, each pillow has it own
story to share [story telling of two pillow :D]...
The red one was bought by my papa dearest ;D
believe it's for 10Php only it's just a promo from
a grocery here in our place, then the pink one was
our friends symbol my dlsu-d friends bought also
pillow similar to me with different face impressions
for me I' m a happy and jolly person a big grin for me
I want to put a design to it I wanna put some braces
coz I have brace when I bought it from the store
named Surplus for only 50Php. Enjoy hugging your
pillow as your someone hehehe lol..:D ciao!!! xoxoxo

♥Field Trip♥

Ok! before anything else here in my busy and messy
desktop... I wanna share you a happy day in a field
not a field trip literally. I'm with Kuya Kerbey and
my titas. We went there in our land at Balite a river
part of our barangay, we have something mission :D
you will enjoy the ambiance of place it's near to nature
what i love nature, I took some photo there, I' m :D
feeling I' m a photographer LOL here it is look:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

♥Play Time♥

Just like kids I also have my playtime due to boredom.
Well other than school things and activities I have my
own hobbies to spend my time, sometimes I got into
editing, making designs for my picture :D using my
Photoshop CS2[l♥ve it] or even my old editor like.....
American Greetings, it's fun and amazing on how you
can manipulate a photo from the simple one to an eye
catching art. But for now I used to play tricks with my
hair, what hair? During my childhood days my hair was
a short one so what I did I'd tried to cut my long hair:

And that was only a big joke :D a BIG NO to short
hair of mine hahaha... but I also plan to have a new
hair cut before the regular school days come in
JUNE 8... Hmmm I look so different in my picture
huh, do you think so? In my long hair I look just
my age 18 and on my second picture I look 12, lol
Btw I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I just get
busy right now because of many assignments, ciao!

Monday, April 14, 2008

♥Bro's Birthday ♥

It's my bro's bday and we celebrate it in Max Resto.
We enjoy the day, especially the food we ate yum!!!
And also we played games in Quantum everyone is
enjoy. After malling we go home and continue there
our celebration we have spaghetti, halaya, rice cake
and many more. Thank God for his another life...:D

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

♥Summer Class♥

Vacation Shortage, finally I have my new online diary created fr.
the juice 0f my creativity. About the title I've decided to name it
Vacation Shortage because of my postponed happytrip vacati☺n
due to my summer class, I go on advanced on my subject whew!
I hope you like my layout it takes me one day! to finish it, some
image are not included in that one day, I look forward for d good
perception of my viewer about my summer theme blog ♥♥♥♥♥

Well this time I'm gonna tell you about my 1st day of school ○○○
this day it's too alien I don't have any former classmates but too
good I have some prev. summer friends, it takes me a week to
and memorize the name of my new classmates[:D kuya and ate]
I have here some of my pictures of my school things XD excited!
I have there my newly made ID, notes, and my registration form:

By this time, it's about my two professors of my two adv. subject
My 1st class Philippine Constitution about laws governing our
country Philippines[Mabuhay! :D] Mr. Jessie Atienza *.* my own
1st impression on him ahm he ♥'s blue he always wear blue polo
He was a very organized prof. One more thing about him was, ☻
he doesn't brought some books or notes for him to discuss to us
wow! he know what he is teaching to us[memorize nya!] grin :D
My 2nd prof. Mr. Iya Palmo, he speak japanese[konnichiwa]......
he thought us not to be late in class & be on time of submission
he says: "ima ma[wa] daiji" meaning don't be late, :Time is Gold:
I enjoy my 1st day of school, I've met new classmates... ciao♀☻♥