Friday, August 1, 2008

♥August Twist♥

For the month of August I've been so busy.
For the reason that our projects were increasing,
and that is because of our demanding professors.

By the way we have our prospect system, a reservation
system, it seems to be the potential project for our major
in programming. And of course I' m the one who will be
in-charge for designing the user interface and then also
the layout, our group LEMON propose to have at least 3
layouts, the default, the wacky and the classic look...:D

Asking for LEMON, well LEMON is just our group in school
and also prospect to be the group for the upcoming thesis
in our second semester this year also, by the way I made a
logo for our LEMON GROUP...take a look:

[click to enlarge]:D