Friday, May 30, 2008


May is the season for the good harvest of flower
and also in Catholic like me it's the time for the
celebration of Flores de Mayo or what we called
Santacruzan were we commemorate the event
were in Queen Elena explore Jerusalem just to
find the cross were Jesus was crucified and she
fortunately found it with his little son Constantine.
And now, I would like share to you my experience
of being Reyna, hehehe :D It's fun and a great :D
experience being a reyna, because you do it for the
tradition of being a Catholic, you need to prepare
your feet for the long walked and also for your gown
and make up so this what I look as Reyna Veronica,
And also with my bestfriend Labnyl as Reyna Empe-
rattriz and her sister Justlyn as Reyna Mora and her
friend Maan as Reyna Paz... here it is look: [:D shy!]

Thursday, May 29, 2008


At last I'm home right after I've gone for three days
here in our house and here in blogging world =^.^=
Yes! After 12 hours of travel we've reach Ilocos Sur.
the place there were so beautiful and relaxing with
the touch of heritage and vintage. And oh! the place
were so clean no plastic bags and garbages even on
river they were so clean. Most of the time we went
to many church their one of the old church here in
Ilocos was Paoay Church the architecture was known
as baroque style. Some it's featured was the bell tower
then also we went to Vigan Cathedral I'm so amaze
to this place it was a large place and old and vintage
one, and also I saw an expose monstrance in it and
pray over there. I took so many pictures all over Vigan.
One more thing I can't wait to be back at Ilocos Norte
was the Pagudpud Beach it has white sand and a clean
and blue beach, I love it so much and I brought home
some sand and shells part, as we go home I bought many
pasalubong to my mama dearest and bro, and of course
they love it at least daw naalala ko sila...whew a fun and
loving experience this vacation, for the picture kindly :D
please click the image below to redirect you to more photos
thank you so much and God Bless, Thank You God, ciao! :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hey Guys! Got news for you, I'm going to Vigan right now
with my Tita and Cousing Kim and for sure I will not going
to blog for three days I think of being their in Vigan... :D
I feel to excited that I packed my travelling bag early and
now I'm ready going to Vigan, I wish it will be worth it :D


♥Photo Shoot♥

Yikes! I got some photo shoot here, I like this
photo shoot of mine, it give some feelings, give
emotion when I look at it, look and see it and
also give some comments if you want. No such
bad words please, here it is charan!!! :D =^.^=

Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesssss!!! Exempted ako!!! Yes I'm exempted to
take the Final Major Exam for my two subject and
that was great that I don't have to answer the test
questionaire and with that I surely to get the 30%
of my grade oh my! Thank you God for the blessings!
So before leaving the room again I took some photo
again of my friends in Constitution Subject, here it is:

My consti friends were namely: Ate Rox,
Gladys, Jesrel and Celester, showned in the
pictures, After I give thanks to our professor
Sir Jessie, I go to admin and process my official
registration form ayt! And God save the day :D
Thank for for being my friends, ciao!:D

Friday, May 16, 2008

♥Last Day♥

It's the last day of our summer class and then we
will have our final exam and I'm hoping for an ;D
exemption even on one subject, I took some pics.
so I can have pictures of my former classmates:

There you go my friends here were namely;
Lala, Mae, Faith, Karen, Aiko, Kuya Marlowee
Julian, Buddha, Kuya Canares and many more!
Thank you for being my friends, ciao! xoxoxo

Sunday, May 11, 2008

♥Hair Day♥

Boredom makes me feel weak so what I did
i make fun of my self trying different hairstyle
and look what I got in my pictures here :D:

the picture in the left look so funny for me but hey in
the right picture it turn out to be look more neat than
the left picture, I think I can have that hairstyle the
right one, [hehehe ///~]:D ciao people!!! xoxoxo

Friday, May 9, 2008


I' m fine and feeling well, thank you to H2O
and cheery flavored strepsils for the cure of
my sickness namely: Mr. Cough, Ms. Cold and
Sir Sore Throat. Btw I miss eating sweet but
this day I ate a bread with sweetness it's named
as Cookies Cream Bun available at French Baker:

It taste so good for it's price of 38php it has feelings
inside that makes it sweeter to my taste... Next time
I will take another order at French Baker, ciao!:D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm not feeling well, but I want to have a new blog
entry for to day, I just wanna share what I ate this
afternoon before I go home, because I'm not in my
mood to eat something sweet, I ordered noodles:

Beef wanton in Chowking, it taste good and give me
comfort of being sicked that day I think this will last
until many days, ciao!/:(

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

♥New Blessing♥

Aira Gale is coming to town...Yah! we have a new
born baby of my Tita Lanie and her baby was a girl
and named Aira Gale, she was too small and weight
light to be easily carry on, I took some picture of her
baby I can't resist the factor that she was cute:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

♥Cheese Burger♥

Dahil sa binasa mo ito at ako naman ang gumawa nito
pa Cheeseburger ka naman 65Php lang eh [^.^V]...
May masabi lang para mailibire mo ako ng cheeseeeee
burger. Kagaya ng araw na ito ako ang nagtinda sa aming
tindahan para naman mauwian ako ng cheeseburger:

Buy now your cheeseburger in the nearest MCDO
in your place for only 65Php [enjoy your meal]:D

Friday, May 2, 2008


Yehey! No class for the Labor Day, it's the start of
May and our summer class will end at May 20, 08
[vacation:D]. Well this morning I woke up this so
early, I just hear a noise, I look outside 0.0 of my
window and oh! there will be a new project for the
road of our barangay and there are some vehicles
for wrecking the old road[hahaha!!!], so I got my
dgcam and took some pictures and here it is:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

♥Lola's Bday♥

I woke up 3:00 o' cock early this morning to
take a bath and eat my breakfast and prepare
my traveling bag, because we are going to :D
Antipolo[yehey!] and we will first stop to our
destination the Antipolo Cathedral thn find a
resort to stay for while and have our lunch.
It's been a long hour of travel from Cavite to
Antipolo, but worth it when we finally arrived
we first attend the mass then we go to the ;D
Birhen ng dela Paz Shrine and I'm amaze to
what I see, the shrine was full of antique crown
and scepter, some empty expensive bottle of
perfume and the highlight was the dress of the
Birhen ng dela Paz. After the long hour of staying
in the cathedral place we decided to find the resort
named BONSAI and fortunately we found it, my
cousins especially the kids were too excited to swim
in the pool, I took some pictures of that event:

Before going home we also bought some sweets
and souvenirs [pasalubong :D] all of us were so
enjoy celebrating Lola's Bday, Happy Bday Lola
and also I considered it as our reunion, ciao!!!:D