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LVE'S IT !!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario

October 1, 2008


T he word Rosary means "Crown of Roses".
Our Lady has revealed to several people that
each time they say a Hail Mary they are giving
her a beautiful rose and that each complete Rosary
makes her a crown of roses. The rose is the queen of
flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions
and it is therefore the most important one. The Holy
Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because within it
lies the awesome story of our salvation. With the
Rosary in fact we meditate the mysteries of joy, of
sorrow and the glory of Jesus and Mary. It's a simple
prayer, humble so much like Mary. It's a prayer we can
all say together with Her, the Mother of God. With the
Hail Mary we invite Her to pray for us. Our Lady always
grants our request. She joins Her prayer to ours.
Therefore it becomes ever more useful, because what Mary
asks She always receives, Jesus can never say no
to whatever His Mother asks for. In every apparition, the
heavenly Mother has invited us to say the Rosary as a
powerful weapon against evil, to bring us to true peace.
With your prayer made together with Your heavenly
Mother, you can obtain the great gift of bringing about a
change of hearts and conversion. Each day, through prayer
you can drive away from yourselves and from your
homeland many dangers and many evils.
It can seem a repetitive prayer but instead it is like
two sweethearts who many times say
one another the words: "I love you"...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

♥To LIGHT the Candle♥

Katie[me] and Kuya Kerby[escort]

This is my first time attending a wedding :D
So I' m excited how I can witness the wedding
and also myself participating in the entourage.

I woke up too early to prepare so many things.
Then at 6 o' clock some of my cousins were in our
place to have their make-up. Of course I' am the :D
make-up artist.I love the shade of blue so I choose that
shade for the eyes but as a whole the make-up were all
light in color cause it's morning and that's the rule in
make-up hahaha... ADIOS!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

♥19th Life To Celebrate♥

[click to enlarge]
Happy 19th Birthday To Me
September 12, 2008

Obviously it's my birthday, I' m 19 years old.
And I want to thank everyone for being here
in my bday, my friends, my family, and also
thank you Lord for giving me another year and
another chance to live here with my beloved ones.

I just enjoy the day. I made some graham cake as
my treat for my friends while for my family I treat
them in Red Ribbon [yummy! :D] I also give me a
treat to go shopping a little bit of money hahahaha...
This day was so full of fun. First at the morning when
I opened the door there was a gift for me a shoes from
Rusty Lopez that was given to me by my parents. 0.0

As I go to school I were my new clothes and then I went
to school to attend the daily mass in our chapel and have
the opportunity to have a good merienda of my graham
cake to my co CPM in our office. After that we attended
the mass then have my bday intention that was great :D
The day was for me and thank you Lord for the blessings:D

Monday, September 8, 2008

♥Santa Maria♥

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Today is the birthday of our Virgin Mother Mary, she is
the mother of our Savior Jesus Christ. And the whole
community of Roman Catholic in the whole wide world
are celebrating this day in the commemoration of her
birthday, and also today in our chapel in DLSU-D we
will have our Eucharistic Celebration inclined with her
birthday. This picture of mine was taken before the mass
in our chapel. You can enlarge the picture by clicking it.:D

Friday, August 1, 2008

♥August Twist♥

For the month of August I've been so busy.
For the reason that our projects were increasing,
and that is because of our demanding professors.

By the way we have our prospect system, a reservation
system, it seems to be the potential project for our major
in programming. And of course I' m the one who will be
in-charge for designing the user interface and then also
the layout, our group LEMON propose to have at least 3
layouts, the default, the wacky and the classic look...:D

Asking for LEMON, well LEMON is just our group in school
and also prospect to be the group for the upcoming thesis
in our second semester this year also, by the way I made a
logo for our LEMON GROUP...take a look:

[click to enlarge]:D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

♥Lady Should Have♥

[click the image to ENLARGE]

Thursday, July 17, 2008

♥HE Will Give You Rest♥

[click to enlarge the image]
Finally!!! I've post again after 2 weeks I think :D
I found my golden time to post this time, and share
my thoughts online here in my blog. Well for this time
I just want to share an inspirational verse from a library
book, our BIBLE, where in this afternoon I attended a
mass and the Holy Gospel was taken from Matthew 11:28
[click the image to see the verse] I was so inspired
also by the homily of our chaplain Fr. Lino according to him
the parts of our body were so tired of doing such things.

Head- thinking something, someone, problems, questions.
Eyes- looking, watching, staring, glancing.
Nose- smelling good and bad smell.
Mouth- talking, gossip, singing, telling story.
Hands- handling, cooking, making things.
Feet- walking, going to somewhere.

And how about the inner part of our body..

Heart- tired of what, tired of hatred, sorrow.
Feelings- [kalooban] tired of problems, enviousness.

I think and rethink Fr. lino has a point, because for some
time I felt those kind of tiredness and believe me or not
tried and tested, when I'm about to go to our chapel or
even meditate alone in my room "I feel I' am at REST"
I feel the comfort the realization I've done wrong, things I
need to fix. Talking to Him alone relieve the pains, crying
with Him relieve the emptiness, you can feel you have your
companion, it's HIM. For this post I feel comfort to share this
to you guys, maybe somehow you can try it on your own to
Come to Him and feel you at Rest!!!:D

Thursday, July 3, 2008

♥Kung Fu Panda♥

Lo0ooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ve it!!! This is all
I wanna say when I finish watching the super
movie was create thru the imaginary production
unit of the Dreamworks. I love almost all the :D
scenario. The words the script were all full of :O
sense of humor:

Panda[PO]: There's no charge for awesomeness!
Master Oogway: Yesterday is History ::
Tomorrow is a Mystery ::
And Today is a GIFT ::

There is no such as an accident!

Master Shifu: Just Believe!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


[Photo Manipulation by ME]

I miss the library, I miss the books from there
specially in Humanities Section, actually this :D
shot was in our Humanities Section where I :D
borrowed many books about religion, novel hmm
some teenage books. It's good to read books to :D
enhance your knowledge and also understanding
about different aspect of life and also if you are
curious in something you can seek the answer in
library of course with the good use of books there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


[Photo Manipulation by ♥ME♥]

Rose: ~shadowslicer
Photo: ♥ME♥
Software: Photoshop CS2

I just juiced my creative idea, of course a product
of a nature lover like me... GO GREEN!!! I love the
white rose as he love it. It makes me smile to see
the smile of earth in those flowers. This white rose
as they say symbolize the purity of a lady. :D

Monday, June 30, 2008


[don't kind to me]

Sometimes I felt I'm addicted to camera click!!!
And know what I do to day, I made a product
out of my boredom...I took photo of course of me
...duh! love it, the webcam of my new Extensa ♥
4620z Laptop...mwah...I advice not to click my pic:D

[don't kind to me]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

♥Fight For What???♥

[Source:, click to enlarge]
Another win of our country Philippines for the :|
boxing division bagged by Manny "PACMAN"
Pacquiao. After he finished the game in the 9th
Round by his powerful left hook that smashed
his opponent Diaz to the floor of the ring.
I see some point of having this kind of games in
the field of sports, it's the entertainment for sure
that brings the people into excitement who will
win, the honor for the country that a man or an
athlete won the game and own the prestigious
title for them.
But for the Roman Catholic like me and also like
Mr. Manny Pacquiao how is such a sport of boxing
can be seen moral in an eye of the laity people and
how it could be a practice of norms. I have my point
do I, here it is:

1. The most teaching that people can heard in our
faith as Roman Catholic is to love God and to love
one another as God love each one of us.

-here in boxing can you see the essence of loving
one another, it's full of extreme fighting, blood :0
punching and hurting your brother for what, let
mean it and says the truth it is for the MONEY.
Ok! for the honor of the country but what is
visible is for the money.

2. Norms, it was the good values or attitude that was
well accepted by the people in the community, where
in you can see the good side of being a human being.

-what kind of norms can we have in boxing? All of us
know that fighting is not a norms in our society but
why it seems that this game, it's promoting it as to be
accepted in society especially in the field of sports, what
is the ethics of sport? Is it only the essential to be sport?

It, is up to you to judge or to rethink what is your side
about the boxing, if it is to be accepted by the people
even it was for a long time or not to be accepted for the
reason of immorality[opinion] and the norms[right values]

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The clouds might says:

Clouds: I lve black
Clouds: I used CLEAR
Clouds: My name is RAIN

Sigh! I looked at the sky above me
and notice something is wrong some
rain drops on my skin, but actually
the sky is not dark it's CLEAR it's
a sunny day, but what the other side
of the clouds on the east look like
it's seems so dark and heavy and in
any unpredicted time it may fall as
RAIN, I don't even understand the :?
rainy mood swing sunny and rainy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

♥Just Stare♥

[i did photo manipulation in my CS2]

I took a picture of a street child, I don't have any
idea of her name. I'm staring at her picture for
about 10 or 15 minutes and I focus on the eyes,
it so dramatic[nangungusap] it somewhat she
want to tell something, actually she's begging for
food and bottle to sell, we interviewed some street
children and they told us that they sell the bottles
for them to have money for their schooling and 1
thing stroke my mind how responsible their parents
is, of course the parents have the responsible to work
and give their kids the allowance for schools, I can't
do anything but to pray for them that my the Lord
guide them as they walk everyday begging for something.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

♥Slurpee Craze♥

I'm fun of drinking slurpee even how cold it is and
brain freeze it can give me:D I enjoy having it with
different colors of course having there different :D
lovely taste. From the old one color blue[pepsi blue]
red[red gatorade], green[apple green], orange[royal]
pink[watermelon], brown[pepsi cola], lime green[lime].
Here I took a picture of my slurpee for the day[merienda].

[i did photo manipulation in my CS2]

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

♥Fine Day♥

Yesterday our class was announced suspended due to
the heavy rain poured last Sunday but HELLO! As a
matter of fact the day yesterday was good and fine no
rain or even mist or any foggy area, so I suddenly :(
realize what we've lost that day, the Comp. Laboratory
Session in our VB.Net, I'm enjoying that subject it's an
easy one compare to our previous Computer Subject
JAVA where in we need to type the code one by one at
a time and knowing here in VB.Net we just need to click
and drop the items that we need the form there was in
an instant, that session was for 3 hours what a lost :(
By the way I took the sky for the day and I love the out
come, the sky was emphasize and there our so little homes
there and some green grasses, I hope you like it dudes!:D

[Thank you to Picnik I do some manipulation here :D]
[Click the image to enlarge]

Thank You GOD for the Lovely Day!!!
Praying for the soul of the victim's
in Romblon Tragedy.

Monday, June 23, 2008


No, it was not a name of a girl but a name of a
man who shared his life to the Roman Catholic
he was no other than the late Pope John Paul II
also known as "The Singing Pope", this post was
inspired by one of the book I read from the most
library I love, the Author of this book was :
Rinna Wolfe, knows a great deal about young people.
She was a teacher for many years in Berkeley, Cali.
[Information about the author was from the book
The Singing Pope], here is my picture of the book:D

As I finished reading the book for about I
think 2 to 3 hours having 17 Chapters I was
inspired and at the same time amaze about
the life of the late Pope John Paul II, the
struggle he has during his teenage year and
also his life during those days, he was not yet
the Pope. He was a religious man from the start
of his early age as he like to play as the priest and
blessed his playmates as like his congregation :D
I can't but the tears came out in my eyes as I reed
the story of his life on how miserable his life in his
teenage stage, he suffer the World War I and II :(
An accident could also killed him but fortunately the
bullet from the revolver missed his heart, if not his
own friend Bogus might kill the Pope, as he also said.
From the context of the whole book, it was so very
inspiring so what I did when I finished it, I lite a candle
and reflect to myself. For Pope said he want the world
And with that he also emphasize in his every visit in
every country about the equality and justice he said
that "there will be freedom if there is a justice', he
was so amazing, I also wanna share that I also dreamed
him last April 3, 2007 and woke up crying and knowing
that it was his Death Anniversary so I prayed and lite
a white candle for his soul... Viva El Papa!!! We Love YOU

The young Pope who loves adventures like
playing soccer, skiing, kayaks, swimming he
was so athletic and also he love literature :D
he spend some of his time reading books :D
even he have a conversation[simply amazing]
then he write poem and do some stage acting
in theatre... He love doing so to enjoy childhood!

[click the pics. to enlarge, this was not mine it's from flickr]
This was the time when the late Pope John Paul II, visited
us Philippines, I know he love us Filipino because we are
known as the Dominant Catholic Country in Asia, I missed
the time when he visited I only saw him in television, his
smile brought every people like me to be inspired on what he
was saying on what he wants us the Roman Catholic to be,
a world with love, peace and freedom, and equality for the
poor, a world free from any harm or war, a secured life.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

♥Family Day♥

This was the moment we have the common :D
bonding for the family we've been in SM-Dasma
we shopped for some clothes and eat something
so appetizing and I'm the master mind to ate at
Greenwich having our all time favorite pizza:D
Here take a peek view of the happenings :D click

From the pictures shown above the small cart me
and my brother fun with then the pics. I took in
the dressing room hehehe this was the 1st time I
did it and then the appetizing OVERLOAD PIZZA
for 349Php...We enjoy the day...Thank You Lord:D

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This day was so tiring but full of excitement as
I woke up early this morning I need to clean my
room and the living room as my daily chores :D
I have no option but clean it because it was said so
then I took my bath and go to school even for Sat.
it was for the acquaintance Party for the incoming
new member of CPM, I was one of the organizer
then I appointed to do the movie presentation and
fortunately I did it even I'm late for a minute of 30.
Here the picture of the super happy and enjoy event:

I also got 2 certificates of appreciation as I attended
the Liturgical Workshop and also for being one of the
organizer of the said event in our chapel at DLSU-D...

♥Party Pinkie♥

Hello guys!!! I have uploaded some of the
pictures of my friend Maricon's Birthday,
it was truly a day a night of fun and laughter
we so much love the bonding miss the smile
the joke the laughter the jokes we spilled that
night, oh! how I was it may happened again:D

Click Here For More Pics
Maricon's 18 Bday

Friday, June 20, 2008

♥Little to Lady♥

[Me and Maricon at Ideawurx Makati ]
Now I can call her Lady Maricon as my friend
turned 18 this day:D but nothing gonna change
for she is too small for her age nah1 joke con con
she is sweet and pretty enough to turn boy's head
hehehe...and so was it I made scrapbook as my gift
for her...Look and take a peak view of it, I hope she
like it for I made it special for her and personalized:

Happy 18th Birthday Maricon