Thursday, September 18, 2008

♥To LIGHT the Candle♥

Katie[me] and Kuya Kerby[escort]

This is my first time attending a wedding :D
So I' m excited how I can witness the wedding
and also myself participating in the entourage.

I woke up too early to prepare so many things.
Then at 6 o' clock some of my cousins were in our
place to have their make-up. Of course I' am the :D
make-up artist.I love the shade of blue so I choose that
shade for the eyes but as a whole the make-up were all
light in color cause it's morning and that's the rule in
make-up hahaha... ADIOS!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

♥19th Life To Celebrate♥

[click to enlarge]
Happy 19th Birthday To Me
September 12, 2008

Obviously it's my birthday, I' m 19 years old.
And I want to thank everyone for being here
in my bday, my friends, my family, and also
thank you Lord for giving me another year and
another chance to live here with my beloved ones.

I just enjoy the day. I made some graham cake as
my treat for my friends while for my family I treat
them in Red Ribbon [yummy! :D] I also give me a
treat to go shopping a little bit of money hahahaha...
This day was so full of fun. First at the morning when
I opened the door there was a gift for me a shoes from
Rusty Lopez that was given to me by my parents. 0.0

As I go to school I were my new clothes and then I went
to school to attend the daily mass in our chapel and have
the opportunity to have a good merienda of my graham
cake to my co CPM in our office. After that we attended
the mass then have my bday intention that was great :D
The day was for me and thank you Lord for the blessings:D

Monday, September 8, 2008

♥Santa Maria♥

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Today is the birthday of our Virgin Mother Mary, she is
the mother of our Savior Jesus Christ. And the whole
community of Roman Catholic in the whole wide world
are celebrating this day in the commemoration of her
birthday, and also today in our chapel in DLSU-D we
will have our Eucharistic Celebration inclined with her
birthday. This picture of mine was taken before the mass
in our chapel. You can enlarge the picture by clicking it.:D